Thursday, June 23, 2011

SEO with Webimax

Do you care about Search Engine Optimization? I honestly don’t have much idea about it. It’s something I can learn if I have the time. Although I don’t know how to make my posts optimized for search engines, I know that it is important to the success of any blog or website. I’m glad that I chose the title Mom Daughter Style because I get a lot of traffic from people who search “mom and daughter”.

There’s a website that takes the work out of search engine optimization, they’re called I was just browsing through their website and they have resources which can help you with keywords, which are important in getting your site listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Webimax also has a marketing staff who can help and who stay updated on the latest algorithm updates, which affect how high your listing appears when someone does a search for a blog or website. They also use tools which incorporate social media optimization, which will aid you with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Right now, my blog is just a place for sharing and the sponsors are a bonus. To be honest, I would not hire a company for my blog, at least not yet. If I have a growing online business that needs help with exposure to target potential customers, then that’s probably the time for me to use Webimax. However, if anyone knows how to optimize your posts for search engine, I would be interested to know.

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I learned some SEO from a book by bruce clay and alot online.


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