Sunday, April 3, 2011


Who wants to go to Europe? I do! It’s going to be my ultimate getaway, however, Europe is too far from here and the ticket prices are probably even higher than going to the Philippines. Another country in Europe that I would like to visit is Scotland. I’ve been looking at pictures today online and it shows that Scotland is full of history and they continue to preserve it. The castles look amazing.

They have Scottish apartments that have wonderful views from the mountains. I think there will be so much to see in Scotland. The apartments also have modern furniture and fixtures; they look very well maintained too.

If you like to visit Scotland and search for guest houses and apartments in Scotland, you can check out The Edinburgh Apartments look very nice. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Have a great week ahead.

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Anonymous said...

hi thanks for visiting my blog! you mentioned about doing a review for alexa? im up for i'll do the review today and just tell me when ur done reviewing my blog...thanks!! btw, im following u now!

Anonymous said...

hi i've done my alexa review! :)

Claire said...

Oh my, what lovely photos. Would love to visit Scotland someday though I'll probably have to wait until my girls get a little older.

Your little girl is so cute!


ChicnSavvy said...

Those are beautiful pictures!!! Love it so much!

I am your newest GFC Follower, you left a comment on my blog on doing the Alexa Ranking posts, and I would love too!

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

I want to go sooooo bad. Maybe one day.
I'll be happy to swap Alexa review with you. I should be able to get to it later today.

Alice Law said...

Speaking about Scotland, I'll be so keen to see the loch ness Monster, lol!

Gremliness said...

Scotland is on my wish list too, wishing to see their short nights where I was told at some months the sun sets down at 10pm and up again at 3am. I've got used to their accent somehow, and I find them nice people (got some colleagues from there)

Dhemz said...

I would love to go there someday...d naman masamang mangarap...ehehehe!

Jen M said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Following you back!

You asked if I wanted to swap Alexa reviews. Absolutely! Ileft you a review as Jenyasha and you can find my blog here

Thanks lots!

Jen @ My Secret Home

Amanda said...

Europe is my dream vacation, too. For me, it's Ireland, though. Not that I'd refuse a trip to Scotland though.

Following from MBC.

A Hootie Hoot said...

I wanna go, I wanna go! I love Europe! I haven't been since 2005 and want to go back so badly!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Following you from Bloggy Moms. Stop by and say hi when you get a chance --



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