Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scentsy Review

A lot of us are looking for ways to increase our household income. While some mothers choose to stay at home with their children, others are in the mainstream workforce collecting a paycheck for hours worked. Some of us may remember going to Tupperware parties, or selling Avon door-to-door. But there’s a new product that is becoming very popular, and that’s Scentsy. If you visit their website at scentinspired.com, you can browse through their innovative products and learn how to become a consultant for items that many of us use daily in our homes. While you’re at home in your spare time, or as a full-time endeavor, with proper determination, you can make money for those expenses that keep popping up.

Here are more reasons why we should support Scentsy either through purchasing their products or through becoming a consultant.

1. Most of their consultants are stay at home moms who are trying to have their own small businesses.

2. Scentsy products have reasonable prices.

3. Just like with other work at home jobs, you can be flexible with your schedule if you decide to be a consultant.

4. They have great product reviews so you know that you are buying or selling a quality household item.

I am not a Scentsy consultant, at least not yet so I would like to provide you an unbiased review and I did a lot of research about it. I am also trying to stretch my income a little now since RC’s childcare expenses is more than what we anticipated before. Hopefully, I can also become a consultant for a business like Scentsy one of these days. I posted some pictures of their products, aren't they cute and lovely?


Gessyl Enchanted said...

correct, stay-at-home Moms can earn online as well.

BTW, passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you, check out my blog. :)

Shar said...

Thanks for the post! I've been interested in Scentsy... just the other day I saw a consultant, I didn't speak to hear because she was flying by my home in her car with "Scentsy... blah blah..." on her back window...
Not looking to get a job as a consultant, but just to buy. I'm always up for something new!
But hmmm... becoming a consultant doesn't sound so bad either...

You have a blessed day dear!
XO Shar

Gremliness said...

Oh Avon and Tupperware :), we've been selling those -- and yes -- door to door :)

Some people do prosper doing these, I guess it takes lots of luck (ok, let me say blessing) to keep one going :)

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Following you back from Bloggymoms.com!

All the Best!


I'm Just a Girl said...

I like Scentsy. I'm not much in to doing the whole sales thing though. I'm just not good at it lol. I found you on bloggy moms. Please check out my blog when you the chance! http://imjustagirl86.blogspot.com/

Kathy said...

Though I don't rep for Scentsy, I know several ladies that do. They are all very pleased with the products and the company. Their new animal scent holders (probably the wrong name for them) are just adorable!



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