Thursday, April 7, 2011

San Diego

If I am single and I can choose where to live, I would choose the state of California. It's a big state and there are so many great spots to see there. The communities are also a cultural melting pot of people from all over the world so I would not feel left out being an Asian in a foreign land. Even my friend who is gay loves living there because he feels more accepted. I am not here to talk about gay rights, all I know is that I have a gay friend and I like him for just the way he is. He particularly loves San Diego Hillcrest Area and San Francisco, Castro Area. I haven't been to San Diego yet but San Francisco is a great place for me. Although the weather is cold, I love the views and most people are nice. It is also one of those places where there are a lot of coffee shops for life is continuous throughout the day and night.  I used to drink a lot of coffee but now I switched to sodas.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of San Diego that I posted here.
Finally,  it's Friday tomorrow! Have a great weekend.

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Ola said...

I wouldn't mind taking a bath in the swimingpool on the first picture. Yes, California must be a perfect place!


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