Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guide me

One of the things I enjoy most is vacation planning. It’s the excitement and anticipation of going somewhere farther than usual. We are always trying to think of interesting things to do while staying with family or in hotels at our destination. We do hours of internet research about the area near our hotel, but our research isn’t organized and we’re probably missing out on some great things to see.

I’m sure you’ve seen travel guides in the lobbies of hotels you’ve stayed in before. Well, I’ve found that there is a great website online where you can get a vacation guide for anywhere in the US and it’s free! I can even order travel brochures. Travelguidesfree.com have vacation guides for all states and regions of the US. This information will certainly make planning for our next trip easier, and we’ll also learn more about the history of the area. Having a vacation guide will give me more time to think about what I need to pack for the trip. Being better prepared will also save on expenses because we won’t be wasting time searching for locations that we’re unfamiliar with. We can also plan our stops along the way and plan our timeline that will save the cost of a guided tour which is also inflexible about what we’ll see. When you have a toddler or a baby with you, flexibility with time is important.

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Lioness said...


I am hosting my first blog hop and i would love your support.

Please stop by http://lionessrebirthorg.blogspot.com/ and check it out.

I will follow back.


Stacey Donaldson said...

I really love to travel too, although I haven't had an opportunity to do very much of it.

It's my first visit to your blog, following from Social Moms.

Your daughter is tooo cute!



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