Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cute carpets

What is the hardest part of cleaning the carpet? I believe when something spills and the stains stay. It does not help much when you have a toddler who loves to drink colored juice. I think carpets are harder to clean than solid floors because of the material, dust and grime stays. If you decide to wash it, you will have to vacuum first then use the heavy carpet washer which by the way are expensive. (We have an older model).

I want to thank The Steam Team for allowing me to review their website once again. Here are the reasons why we should choose a professional carpet cleaner like them.

They offer their service to various locations - Carpet Cleaning Sunset Valley, Carpet Cleaning Wyldwood, Carpet Cleaning Uhland etc.

They recommend the best cleaning method for your type of carpet.

They do spot testing, spot stain removal and carpet grooming.

They offer both residential and commercial carpet maintenance that.

You can request a quote and place an order online.

They provide odor neutralization.

They offer carpet protection . The carpet will look better and last longer. (I think this is a great concept).

For more information on Carpet Cleaning Tarry Town, Carpet Cleaning Spicewood and Carpet Cleaning Lockhart, you can visit post is brought to you by their website.


mom & son said...

Very cute carpet.
I've been looking for a carpet like this...
coz you know I am a sucker for Hello Kitty stuff.

P.S I'm your #300 follower. Thanks again, Mommy Ces!

Leigh said...

you are probably right! adorable post :)


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