Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinner is served

Hi, just sharing some pictures of us from Tuesday night. It does not happen very often that we have dine out when it's a weekday. It's also one of those rare days that I am wearing a really long skirt. Just an experiment. They say when you are short, you should not wear long skirts for you will look even shorter but for a change. I think I was more concerned that my stomach looks like it is sticking out (that's what I thought when I saw the first picture here).  

I love this skirt/dress I bought from Nordstrom rack some time ago.

Here is me and my sweet little girl. She really loves wearing dresses now.

I just used my sweater as a scarf because it was getting warm. I am actually tired already here. We had a long day.

I love the Anna Miller's restaurant, they have a red theme. The waitresses are wearing a red and white uniform. The restaurant looks clean although it is always crowded there whenever we go.

Here is RC's drink and some of the food that we ordered. I think their cups are cute with the hula dancers that are printed.  The food is great and they have great pies. Simple and affordable.

I chose rice over potatoes. You can tell, I'm Filipino. We rarely have seafood too at home so I tend to choose seafood restaurants or order seafood when we go out to eat. RC almost ate all the french fries on her plate. She eats like a big girl.


sexyjessie said...

Wow, u really looked great with yr new outfit and RC looked cute too.

Happy moments together...

Madison said...

Nice pictures...thank you for sharing!

aiz kim said...

i love love your skirt and your little darling is getting more and more adorable!

Ola said...

Everything looks perfect in the resturant-the food, the interiors and even the cups:)

Alice Law said...

Both of you are simply fashionable and beautiful!;D

Mom Fashion World said...

Hello Mommy!
Ang cute nyong mag-ina!
Bagong straight ba hair mo? I like it alot, dear!
Si RC ang bilis lumaki noh.

P.S Thank you so much for the tips :-)
I'm becoming more active on blogging na. Sana nga tuloy tuloy na. TC!

Mom Daughter Style said...

Mom Fashion World- I straightened my hair last August ang tagal na. Kumukulot na nga.


Hello Thank you so much for coming by. I have been a follower of your blog for sometime now, and I love your style. Thank you for following back as well.

Lisa @ Lesapea xx


Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I love your post with all of that cool jewelry..WOW!! Now following. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Kiah


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