Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tarps are one of the useful items we can find. They serve as a cover for vehicles, pools, floors etc. If ever I will do my own trade show or sell at a market or yard sale, I would love to have a colorful tarp for a shade. I think it’s a strategy that sellers use in markets to draw attention of customers.

I think I would choose a red tarp so it is more attractive and fun looking, or maybe green for a more subtle color. offers a great selection of tarps that are of high quality . They even do custom made tarps. They have heavy duty silver tarps and accessories. Their website is also very detailed about their policies and has clear pictures of the items that they sell. It also has a detailed description with cover and tarps comparison chart. You can ask for a shipping quote by using the typing your zip code and clicking on the estimate button.

They offer wholesale as well as retail. They are located in Maritetta, Georgia but they are accepting orders online.

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