Sunday, August 7, 2011

Canada Meds

I was hesitant to accept this writing offer but after I went to their website, I realized that is a very legit online business. It will be like Walgreens or CVS online, at least that is how I view it. A person can choose with either branded or generic brands of medications. If you buy flomax, you will be asked for a prescription, the same thing if you buy evista or buy actos because those medicines require prescription. If you are just buying an over the counter vitamin, then you can just check out and buy it. Canadian residents probably will have more choices and can save more money by choosing to buy from It automatically lists the other generic or brand options.

Another good thing about their website is they have articles about general health and scientific researches like a study about specific medicines or about diabetes.

We do order from a reputable drug store online too, one which is based in the US. We normally don’t buy medicines from them but we order soap, powder etc. I know, don’t we sound lazy? Lately we’ve been doing the real shopping but based on experience, it’s just very convenient online and you can shop for the prices and refine your searches with few clicks.

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