Friday, March 26, 2010

SF Part 3- Muir Woods

This was the first time I have been to Muir Woods, the redwood trees are gigantic.  I thought it was beautiful walking through the trail, looking through the small rivers and all the greens. It is 12 miles away from San Francisco but I will include it as part of our SF trip.

Here's RC eating at Olive Garden, it was our first time there, we don't have this restaurant here. They have the friendliest crew.

what i wore: red cardigan and brown jacket from Ross Dress for Less, thrifted skirt, random tank and leggings, Skechers boots

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RC and her lion

I'm taking a break from the SF posts.

RC finally took her first steps at 13 1/2 months. I know that's late compared to most kids. Then we carried her most of the time especially in SF because before we came, the house we stayed in had some leaking. RC wasn't allowed to explore due to the floor being dirty. We came home and it seems that she just lost interest in walking.

I took her out many times to the park after work with her lion. She has been pushing this for months now and has been standing by herself,  she just wouldn't take the steps. I forgot to take the camera on some days. I guess my hardwork paid off, she's walking again. Yehey! Sometimes, I think the reason why I did not have her on my first few tries is so when I have her, I would really be sooo happy and I was, I still am that I wish I can be a stay at home mom, but that's another story. Back to her walking, she walked late and now I see her walk all over the apartment and at the park makes me really proud too.

Bad hair day

Good hair day

Just another day in the park

The "Oh, no!" expression taught by daddy.

Pushing the lion's nose for music. She doesn't want a boring walk.
She just wants to stop to show mommy again the "Oh, no!". By the way, she also knows, high five, align, pat a cake now turned into yehey (clapping), close- open, where's her nose, up above (putting her arms up). That's what I can think about right now. I should compile pictures of her doing her tricks.

Sitting on the lion. They probably didn't have these convertibles when I was a child.

Now, showing off her walking skills

She's just standing here in the last picture but I so love this picture. She looks like a big happy girl.

More SF pics coming soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SF Part 2- Stowe Lake

Stowe Lake, I love this place. It looks very relaxing and not crowded. It was cold for me though , I'm not used to cold, I was worried that RC did not have enough clothes on to keep her warm. I thought her jacket was not thick enough. She was still recovering from cold when we went to SF. I almost went alone but she was better just two days before we left and the tickets are non-refundable so there we went. I figure if she's not feeling well while we were there, we'll just stay at my  brother's apartment the whole time, at least we were able to visit some family. Luckily, the entire trip she did not get a fever although she had runny nose which she gets a lot of times.

SF Part 1- Koret Children's Quarter / Conservatory of Flowers

Koret Children's Quarter

Conservatory of flowers in and out

Mini San Francisco made from recycled scrap.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I miss blogging

Hi! I haven't been updating our blog as I used to. I got a new job (same company) at the start of the year and my schedule changed. It is not working out for my blog. I used to be at home at about 3 - 3:30 pm but now, I'm home at least 5:30 pm. I feel that I have a few time left to give RC a bath, play with her, feed her etc. Since blogging is a hobby, I decided to update it when I have the time, and when I feel like it. Anybody feel pressured sometimes? It can be addictive, I know especially when I started looking at blogs and when I get those first few comments. Commenting is usually two ways and in as much as I would like to receive them, I have so little time now. Luckily, the time change made me sleep more at night.

My favorites is full of blogs so I removed blog links. I did remove all but I remember I exchanged links with some beautiful people so I kept their blog links. I hope I don't offend anybody. It is one of the last things I want to do that's why I also try not to comment when I am so tired, I can get opinionated at times on some issues.

I miss you all. I also miss updating my blog, leaving comments to every new post.

We're back from San Fran almost a week already, we had a great time, we did not have much solo pictures but we have plenty. I love the state of California, San Francisco in particular maybe because I have immediate family living there. I wish we can live there. I lived there for a little while before although I was not able to travel and go around the area much back then.

Here are some pictures of us when we just got at the airport. Yup, I got a new haircut, I don't like it. It forces me to blow dry and iron it. The next pictures, you'll see that I had bad hair days because I was not able to do anything with the hair, just comb and go.


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