Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saturdays and USPS

What are your thoughts about the US Postal Service eliminating delivery on Saturdays? I think most people would agree with no more Saturday delivery so long as the cost of stamps doesn’t keep going up. People mail very few letters now and most people communicate through email. The majority of mail we get is junk mail, usually credit card applications. So far, it has not been implemented yet but I heard it is coming, along with about 120,000 employee layoffs and the closure of thousands of smaller unprofitable post offices. I still love the idea of old fashioned mail sending and I certainly love to receive items I got from shopping online.

You might be tired of me writing about mailboxes and if you are, I do understand. This time, I will write more about just the classic mailboxes for home and not about the apartment type mailboxes. If you’re in the market for a mailbox for Keystone mailboxes for your home or business, some excellent choices can be located online at They also offer posts and mounting hardware, along with other accessories for ultra-modern Gaines Mailboxes. So, check out their website if you’re considering upgrading your mailbox.

This post is brought to you by GainesMailboxesDirect.Com. All opinions are mine.

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