Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving to New Zealand

Has anybody experienced International moving? I was hooked to watching House Hunters International before RC took over the TV. From the TV show, I've seen some couples moving to New Zealand which looks like a beautiful place with wonderful beaches and scenery.

I mentioned about removal companies in Australia before and for this blog post, I am going to write about International Movers to New Zealand. Isn't funny sometimes that even people who talk the same language are using different words. In Australia and New Zealand, they call them removals instead of movers.

Removalcompanies.co.nz is an industry that helps with international moving particularly moving to New Zealand. Customers can get free quotes and moving guides. Even if you are not moving internationally, you can still find some helpful information from their website if you are moving interstate or just moving from one apartment to the next. I've moved many times myself and I know that it can be very stressful. Being prepared is one key to take off some of the burden and getting help from moving companies.

For more information about Removalists in New Zealand, please check out http://www.removalcompanies.co.nz/. This post is also brought to you by their website.


Siamapieceofcake said...

Wow what a beautiful place. When we were planning on buying a house, we were hooked to those house shows. lol

Cassy said...

New Zealand is such a beautiful place according to what I read. Their beaches are clean and not very crowded country. There was one time before that it came across my mind, migrating to new Zealand but never pursued because I will be alone.

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sheila said...

beautiful! (I'm following now from mombloggers)


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