Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4 Tips for Moving to Hawaii

Long distance moving can be stressful but if you do your research about the place you are moving to, you will be able to make the move a lot easier. I’ll share some tips about moving to Hawaii. I moved here many years ago and I love living here.

1. If you’re moving to Hawaii, make sure your household goods are packed by a reliable long distance moving company. A nationally known company will provide a full range of services and the quality of their work is normally high. Have your furniture packed and shipped at least four weeks before your expected arrival to give plenty of time for shipment.

2. If you’re shipping a car, take all your personal items out of the car before you reach the port. Car shipping companies do not allow anything in the car when you turn it in for shipment. Also, you need to have less than 1/8 tank of gas when you arrive at the shipper’s location.

3. If you’re bringing a pet, make sure you check the state laws of Hawaii about bringing animals into the state. Hawaii is a rabies-free area, and they want to keep it that way. At a minimum, your pet will need current rabies shots and a health certificate.

4. And the last tip is to learn to slow down and enjoy life. The pace of life is much slower here than in other places, and people are generally very friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. You’ll notice lots of diversity in everything from people to food. Enjoy your move to Hawaii; you’ll be living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

If you are moving to another state and you’re in the mainland, you can do your research about the reliable long distance movers in the nation. What about you, what are your moving tips?

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Karen Pokras said...

Ahh - if only.... (or at the very least, just a visit to Hawaii would be nice!) ...New follower from bloghop! Hope you will stop by & visit:

Mary said...

Great tips and just have to say that your lil one's below are way to cute!! TFS

Mary said...

Great tips and just have to say that your lil one's below are way to cute!! TFS

Alice Law said...

Ahhh.... my country Malaysia certainly won't allow us to bring pet boarding the plane... unless we are filthy rich so that we can fly thm on a personal jet.:(

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

awesome suggestions!

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cleaning Oahu said...

Wonderful tips! Thorough planning before moving can be a great assurance that all things are ready for shipment. Aside from that, make sure that your place is already in order and clean for you to accomplish everything faster.


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