Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Shoes Brands

I want to shoe shop!

I did not know of Best Brand Shoes before and I’m glad that I am chosen to review their website. You can buy 80 20 shoes from their site. If you are wondering about the idea 80 20, it simply means 80 percent life plus 20 percent shoes equals 100 percent love. You can view more explanation when you visit the site but that’s not just the interesting stuff they have about shoes. The shoes in their website have a price range of $20+ to hundreds of dollars depending on which brand you choose. They have shoes for women, men and kids. They have lots and lots of shoes and a lot of them are also in the clearance page (my favorite section).

You can also buy Charles David shoes or buy Paris Hilton shoes. I am not a huge fan of Paris Hilton but I still think she is a very fashionable woman and we can’t deny that a lot of young girls admire her sense of fashion.

Here are some Cordani brand shoes. When you search by brand, you’ll have some information about the designer and the inspiration behind the brand. Again, you can buy Cordani shoes from

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The OriginalPsyn said...

I love those boots. I can't wait for boot weather. Thanks for the follow. I also love to talk about fashion. I'm avid thrifter so I like to brag about my finds. I can't wait to talk style with you.

Christina Klas said...

cute! But I could never pull of heals like that... I'm already 6.1'! :)


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