Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby stuff are cute!

Two of my cousins just had their babies, both are boys. I remember the days when I was shopping for Neutral Newborn Hats, cute dresses, baby costumes and trendy baby blankets. I’m sure a lot of mommies love to shop and the moment you have your little one, there is even a better reason to shop… bliss!

I did not have a baby shower at home, I had one at work and I was blessed with needed items including a bottle sterilizer that I still use to rack RC’s cups. Some pregnant ladies had the chance to celebrate the impending birth of their babies in a huge way. Online there are a lot of Tips for Planning Great Baby Showers. It must be fun to help with organizing a baby shower especially when you are looking for the cutest diaper cake.

I'm waiting to receive a cute hat for RC to review. She loves wearing them.  I'm still having the blissful moments of shopping for her and dressing her up.


ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Ces! Thanks for visiting. I'm your new follower. Super proud of you. :) Your site is really great, and looks very professional. Super love it. And I think you have a lot going on for it like giveaways and sponsors. :) I would like to ask for tips. Promise. :)

Cheryl said...

Too cute! Will keep this in mind for my son's upcoming baby shower!

Marlee's Creations said...

Stopping by from Helicopter Mom's Alexa hop. Please come by mine, too!


Corinna said...

That's an adorable diaper cake. I love the ladybug and that's what we dressed our lil lady as for her 1st Halloween! Can't wait for her 2nd :)

Jenna Duty said...

so cute!!

jenna duty



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