Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is it time for vacation yet?

Next month will be our much awaited vacation to Las Vegas area, I can’t wait. If I did not resign, we would probably have to cancel our upcoming trips because I had too many absences due to RC getting sick. Thank goodness, she is all well now. I remember the last time I was in Vegas; we were only there for three days and it was super cold! This time, it will be for over a week, 10 days to be exact. It’s only my second time to go to the Sin City. There are so many new restaurants and coffee shops to try. I hope RC will cooperate. When she was a baby, she can just conk out on her stroller so we can still do stuff but now she doesn’t want to take a nap. She is trying to control her sleepiness, I think it would even be harder now because that’s another thing we have to consider and if RC is not happy, then we’re not happy. Think about a crying toddler while you are sightseeing, shopping or strolling. The good part is that she will be able to appreciate it more now; I think this will also be a learning experience for her although she may not be able to remember it when she grows up. We’ll stay in Circus Circus, it’s an affordable and kid friendly hotel.

I remember my gay friend everytime I hear Las Vegas and San Francisco because these are his favorite places. Anyway, you probably heard the news that the New York City is now allowing gay marriages too. I would not elaborate too much on that because I don’t want to spark a debate here on my blog. Each person has their own opinion about that topic. Did you also see the movie, "What Happens in Vegas?", it is not my favorite but I enjoyed watching it.

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ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Mommy Ces! We went to Las Vegas last time, please be sure to bring a stroller or borrow one from the hotel, caused it wasn't much fun, and we didn't even make it far, because we had to take turns carrying Chase. It will be a bit tiring. I sure want to go back there again, to see more of the scenes although we slept there for two nights, we didn't really see a lot. Enjoy! :)


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