Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whitney Farms Organic Soil

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Do you buy organic food when you go grocery shopping? I do but I don’t stick on everything organic. I buy a mixture of both organic and non-organic food. I just heard of Whitney Farms organic plant food, it uses an organic soil.  It has no additives, no artificial ingredients, only those that are from the Earth. I think the food that grows from this soil will be healthier too.
Organic Plant Food
If only I have an outdoor space, I would grow some food and have a garden. It would save us a lot of bucks. I would want to try and use an organic soil from Whitney Farms®. This way, I can make sure that you will be eating an organic plant food. I notice vegetables and fruits at the grocery store are getting more expensive especially if they are not in season.
At this time, Whitney Farms® is offering a $3.00 off coupon. You can click on this webpage—Whitney Farms®.  The offer is valid thru July 31, 2012.
More information about Whitney Farms
-has low to no dust and no manure smell
-has beneficial microbes
-the protein-based blends provide plants with nutrients they need to thrive
-easy to use

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