Monday, June 4, 2012

Play Hard and Find Bugs

Water coloring on a foil. Other paint will probably be better.

Making egg sandwiches. RC loves helping me mix food.

How to do it? Mix mashed boiled eggs with  mayonaisse and salt and make a sandwich-- easy peasy!

Activity should have been folding magazine paper but she would rather wrinkle them and make them into balls and throw them in a basket, it was a hit.

Picture taken from about two months ago. I notice she likes playing doctor at her old preschool, at the free preschool that we were going and when we go to my friend's house for a playdate so I bought  doctor tools for her and since then everyday is a doctor dress up day.

Trying to find bugs can be fun although she only found ants, she was pretty excited!

I've been playing really hard with RC. I haven't had a picture of myself lately not even on Mother's day. Today, we already played with alphabet puzzles and play dough. We danced while listening to Youtube kid's videos, fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

super cute.....

Anonymous said...

super cute n lovable kid

Mom Daughter Style said...

Thank you!


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