Thursday, June 28, 2012

Avengers Holy Cool Train

We went to Pearlridge mall a few days ago. My main agenda was to take RC to this train, I remember how she wanted to ride this last Christmas season and now they have it again with the theme Avengers.

After the train, we got some cupcakes from Cold Stone and then here at 808 Bounce. I thought it was expensive for $9.75. It's good for an all day pass but there were only three inflatable bounce "houses" and I knew we won't use it all day. 

It always makes me nervous when there are bigger kids playing because she might get hurt, even at the park so I made her go back to the toddler bounce house. There were a lot of kids and there was a party going on at the side.

This was suppose to be a shopping day too but it turned out to be mostly RC's day. RC was great this time at the mall  but I don't have desire to go on shopping recently. I grabbed a couple of things from Victoria's Secret (they were having a sale) but I saw the line was long so we left. I think I am realizing that I don't need much stuff now and I seem to use the same ones anyway. I get more excited on buying the ingredients for recipes that I want to try or get some items for new activities that we can do. This stay at home mom thing is changing my purchasing habits for sure. I did not leave the mall empty handed though because I got two things from TJ Maxx. They just opened stores here recently and it was my first time to go.

Have a great weekend!

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Dressing Up For Me said...

Looks like RC´s having the time of her life! Kumusta na, Ces? ;)


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