Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple DIY Puzzle

page from a magazine

1. ) Cut a picture from a magazine

2.) Glue it on the cardboard and cut the cardboard using the car as template.

3.) Cut it into pieces.

I did about five pieces. My observation was it is better if I cut clearer pictures and make puzzles that can be easily associated with order like this car or a person's face. She can basically tell better where the puzzles go that way. I made a cheese puzzle but that did not do too well because it is harder to tell where the piece would go and it is harder for me to explain too.

One of the earliest things that I have learned in teaching my own child is that I have to start with the very basic. For us adults, cutting, writing and doing some hand or other activities are easy but not for young kids. When I am getting impatient, I try to remember when she was a baby and how far she has grown and she has accomplished already in a few years.

I did this out of boredom while RC is learning to cut and glue. She still needs to master the use of small scissors. These pictures remind me that we have to do the activity again.

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