Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cheap Stamps

I bought these stamps (and some not in pictures) all for just $5 at the garage sale I mentioned here.  The stamp pads are very cheap too, about $2 for all of them. This is one of our favorite activities now. I think stamping is a good practice for eye and hand coordination which I did not think that I would even think about before I had RC. Simple things do really mean more now.

 RC is using a temporary table here. I'm using a wood board from our old TV stand and use her toy storage as base. I just bought some end covers to cover the sharp edges and it will probably be our permanent table. It's large enough and it's a space saver. I can take thewood board off after we use it and put the storage bin at the side where it belongs.

I bought these chunky foam stamps but I think they require a different type of ink. The inks I got does not seem to work well with foam/sponge stamps. I'm saving them for future activity.

-It is better to separate the stamps bycategory. Sometimes, we have the faces stamps and we can talk and imitate the faces. I'm having a lot of fun seeing her different faces-- sad, happy, silly and mad. I also separated the animal stamps and learn about animals and imitate their sounds while we do stamping.
-Red ink pads doesn't always stay red! The same with green and orange.


J said...

Those foam stamps require paint. The Crayola brand washable paint would work well with them.

J said...

Sis what is the name of your shop in ebay? I like shopping there!

kimmy said...

and she sure was having so much fun with them!


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