Friday, May 18, 2012

San Francisco Zoo

 *** pictures from San Francisco zoo taken last month***

Hi everyone, I haven't been active with blogging lately but I am thinking about it. It has been a little hectic just being a mom lately. Some days, when I take RC to her scheduled activities, before I knew it, 6 hours of the day has passed. We also got Netflix so I have been watching movies lately. I still enjoy looking at blogs. I am getting obsessed with DIY projects lately especially those that features preschool activities. I think it's because it is mostly what I do now and RC is getting more demanding and more active. I try to take her and meet other kids because there is no other kids in my apartment and I want her to gain some social skills since she is not going to preschool. Thankfully, there are free activities to do here in our area. Just yesterday RC was with 9 other kids and they have their mommies as well. Earlier today, we went to the library. Next week, we are going to attend a potlock. Most of the days, I just walk pushing RC on her stroller so it can be exhausting and some days can be so hot. I don't have a car. I try to prepare for the heat like put sunscreen on both of us, wear a hat, choose comfy clothes those sort of things. I just think that walking is good for me and what we will go to will be good for her.

I have been  honest about monetizing my blog and I can't believe I am letting some opportunities pass lately. I am running out of creative thinking maybe.  I will still accept sponsored posts since maintaining a blog cannot be easy at times. I see other blogs that have a donation button at their homepage and as for me, I think writing on various opinions is good to get some compensation for blogging. You may have various opinion about it but this is my honest take on it at this time. I am also thinking of switching to my own domain name still with blogger.

Anyway, I will probably put more pictures of the zoo with RC and me.

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sexyjessie said...

It's good that you have some ideas to create opportunities money for your blog.

You are much better than me.

Mom Fashion World said...

Hello Mommy Ces!
Glad to read your post again.
I hear yah... i do my best to bring Mr.Freddy
to the library, playground etc so he can socialize with other kids.

green monday said...

a lovely place. we miss your green entry, hope you can join us again at green monday meme

Gemma Wiseman said...

The zoo looks like a fascinating place to wander! I smiled when I saw so many Australian kangaroos there!

Kelly said...

I love zoos and you posted some really fun photographs here!!

chubskulit said...

Lovely critters!

My Shadow Shots
Have a blessed Sunday!

bj said...

I just love zoos...and this is a pretty one. Great shots for SSS

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Kangaroos in SF? I have to go see!!! (My sister lives in SF, so I'll get her to take me.)

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