Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shout® Trigger Stain Remover

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I feel like stains have been a part of my life especially after I had my daughter. She is like a stain magnet when she eats and when she plays at the park. You may remember the times when you were quietly sitting enjoying the day, and your child runs in and shows you the grass stain on their pants?  They were probably quite proud of it, but you were silently thinking how in the world you were ever going to remove that nasty green stain from their new blue jeans.  Today, there are products which will take care of stains, and they weren't available in the past.  One is Shout® Trigger.  It's not your normal stain remover, it will take care of the stains that irritate most people. I personally use Shout® because it takes care of the stains without discoloring the clothes.


Shout® Trigger has a formula that takes care of the toughest stains, even those grass stains.  Any person who takes care of cleaning the family clothes would benefit from Shout® Trigger. I use the one with circular brush on top. I would say that it saves me a t least 15 minutes. I don’t have to keep scrubbing that part of the clothing where it got stained. It’s great that simple products like Shout® can make life easier and less stressful because those hard stains will be gone because you're using an advanced cleaning agent.  If you have tried Shout® Trigger before, let me know your thoughts about how well it cleaned your clothes.  We all can use a little help when it comes to tough stains and saving some money replacing damaged clothing.

You can purchase Shout® Trigger at Walmart.

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