Saturday, May 5, 2012


@ the preschool class

 @ the park

@ the library for storytime and crafting

RC is not attending a regular preschool but I take her to a once a week preschool class. After she attended the preschool/daycare when she was only two, we have decided to wait till she can attend kindergarten before she starts the regular school again. In the meantime, mommy will have to be there when she attends classes.

The preschool class she is attending will have about a two month break so I'm planning to enroll her in a dance class which will also be once a week. I bet she would love it. I would like her to learn the piano or other musical instruments but they are too expensive and I'm not sure if she will enjoy it. She likes to dance (even without music) so dancing is the way to go and the class fees are affordable. Hopefully, this plan will push through.

I've been a lousy blogger lately. I used to stay up at night to link up and promote giveaways but sleeping keeps winning over blogging nowadays.  I want to thank those who joined the giveaways I am currently running. Thank you for leaving comments.

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