Thursday, May 24, 2012

Popcorn Tea Party

I wasn't prepared for this popcorn tea party. RC loves tea parties and I think she plays it everyday, we have a lot of guests too including Elmo and Mickey Mouse.

Life has been really busy. Today, we went to the preschool class. I made some goodie bags last night to give to the kids.There were 8 other kids and we had a potluck. The food is great, mostly for kids but it was a little uncomfortable because it was held at the park and there was really no table and chairs.  There were a lot of fun activities for the kids as usual.

We went home and ate again (lunch) and then met my friend with her kid at the park and then we went to her house for two hours. We were suppose to come at my apartment but we changed our mind. I came home and listed some items in Ebay. I was doing pretty well lately, I just sent 6 boxes the other day. However, my buyers don't seem to be interested in leaving feedbacks but that's okay as long as I'm selling and I'm not receiving complains with any items that I sent. I'll just assume that my customers are happy.

Last weekend, I joined a church community garage sale. It was a little far to drive but it was worth it. It started with only few people coming  but it got better. For only 4 hours, 8 am-12 noon, I think I did good with about approximately $150 in sales and donated $25 to the church. I also bought a bunch of kiddie stuff from the church's fundraising stall (so cheap... my kind of shopping). The set up was easy too, there was a canopy, table and chairs that are already set up for us when we went.

I'm trying to keep up with what is going on and try to type it here at my blog since I haven't seem to be blogging much recently. I'll share more photos soon. I'm going to have some giveaways since I reached 2,000+ likes in Facebook and 2,000 GFC followers. The not so good news is that my blog ranking got lower but I decided not to focus on that right now. Thanks to those who keep visiting. I'm linking with Show and Tell Friday.


MsXpat said...

My kinda party. I love popcorn. There was a time before I learnt how to cook when I had it for breakfast lunch and dinner, LOL. I kid you not :0)

oomph. said...

cute. at least she has a "thing" that she likes to do that doesn't really cost money. when kids get into thomas (those trains are so expensive!), or legos, that's when i get worried, lol!



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