Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why People Use a Mac Computer

I was just reading about why people use a Macintosh computer and mainly the answer is because it runs without viruses. Mac users also experience less computer crashes therefore eliminating or lessening the need for constant reboots or technical help.

I honestly don’t know much people who uses a Mac computer but if you would like information on DVD ripper for Mac or a video converter for Mac you can go to I believe it can also help with other personal computers and you can also use it for Ipad video converter.  

Do you love taking videos? I wish I have taken a lot more videos when RC was much younger. At least I could say that I’ve taken a lot of pictures of her. I guess it is not too late to start now especially I just got a fancy phone. I’ve been taking videos of her lately almost everyday using my phone.  However, lately I don’t have much pictures and it seems that I ran out of pictures to share here but I’ll be back for more.
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Self Sagacity said...

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sexyjessie said...

MAC is not popular in Malaysia as it's because it's pricey compared to other brands of computers. Even though, their brands are the most qualities ones.


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