Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Global Warming: Caused or Natural?

I just started a green giveaway hop in my previous blog post and there are many interesting prizes that you can win. Some prizes are natural cleaning solutions, cloth diapers and even reusable pads for women. I haven’t tried those yet. I was going to host a giveaway for a software sponsor, however, my computer failed to download a huge file.

I think these are innovative products and they can help the environment but there are other ways to learn about being “green”.  Other effective ways are geothermal energy using heat from hot springs beneath the ground, solar energy which you can use by installing solar panels, and even installing a windmill in your yard to produce electricity. There are a lot of houses here that are solar powered and I think the government is also giving tax incentives to those who install solar panels. In Texas, there are studies being made like for Austin geothermal energy solutions

Here are some photos of nature I took.

Some people debate whether global warming is being caused by people and hydrocarbons, or if it’s just a natural climate cycle for the Earth. Whether it is manmade or not, I think it would be good to care and do something in any way instead of wasting resources.

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