Friday, January 20, 2012

New Droid Phone

I finally got a high-tech phone a month ago. It was my gift for Christmas. I had a Blackberry about three years ago but I was not very pleased with it that I switched back to my outdated phone, the traditional just call and text kind. The internet was not fast then.

I am very pleased with this Droid that I got recently. The internet is fast just like a computer. I can use this when I go shopping somewhere and I want to compare an online price versus the store price. I was thinking of getting a nicer phone and stay with my current provider or a Tracfone. I chose to stay with my current connection so the transition will be much simpler. I still don’t have unlimited access, the only difference really is I have internet and I can do more with the phone. Now, the only thing is that I have to learn more how to use it. I still have to learn some simple things that you can do with a good cellphone like change my own ringtone. One of the first things I learned is to take pictures and videos. The pictures have good quality but not sure yet when transferred to the computer.


Ola said...


sexyjessie said...

Is it like a smart phone? It's great to have one when you can be accessible anytime and anywhere when you want to be connected.

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Seems like the pictures should still be good quality, but you never know for sure. Hope they transfer well for you!


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