Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mixed Media Marketing

One thing that all most successful companies have in common is a good marketing department.  Marketing is a mix of actions that includes the five P’s, which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and People.  I won’t go into a lecture about what each are but just to emphasize that marketing can take an unnoticed ordinary product and turn it into a real financial winner.  I haven't worked directly in marketing department but I have worked with people from marketing, and they all seem to be very creative and full of ideas.  They are usually outgoing people with strong positive personalities.

By marketing a website or product, we can make large numbers of people aware of what we have to offer through the use of various tools, including advertising, email campaigns, surveys, internet, and social media.  The latest trends in marketing use a mix of marketing mediums, called Mixed Media Marketing (M3).  Mixed Media Marketing includes the usage of traditional, internet, and advertising.  I would admit that I am not familiar about how to market a website or product to a large market and if I have a business, I will probably need a lot of help to advertise.

An option is to obtain the services of a company that specializes in marketing, especially using the M3 methods.  You can look for a traditional Advertising Agency to handle your marketing needs, or you can use one that is using the very latest in marketing techniques that use not only traditional methods, but also employs social media and the internet.  

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