Friday, January 20, 2012

Switching to Your Own Domain Name?

I have been wanting to switch to my own domain and look for a web hosting company. I reserved the  one for my site, but I am not using it because when I did, I lost some sponsored posts and I will lose more. Apparently, when you change your domain name from to .com, you will lose your Google ranking and other rankings as well. Some bloggers have mentioned that it took them awhile and Google can be unpredictable when it comes to updating the page ranks.

I know in the long run having your own domain name will be helpful with getting sponsors and you have a more professional sounding website. However, I feel that my web address now is what I have already established since the start. It would not matter if I did not exert much effort in promoting it. I exerted a lot of time exchanging links and linking up before and I still do, just not as much. I know I can still redirect the readers to the new URL or web address if I do, but is it really much better?

For those who changed to your own domain, what advice can you give?


Kathe said...

I changed from to just .com at the start of the year. I did not notice a drop of my Google ranking at all. As with everything with blogging, you have to do what is most comfortable for you. I see BIG TIME bloggers that still have

Lioness Rebirth said...

I have been thinking about changing to my own domain name. However I share your concerns. Now I am thinking is it worth the stress.

I will check back to hear what advice you have received.



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