Friday, January 27, 2012


Authored by Greg Fletcher

It’s finally here. In 3 days I get to marry by best friend. Since she’s been busy with all of the wedding planning, I relegated myself to getting our house set up. No, I’m not talking about decorating or even picking our what side of the closet or dressers will be mine (I figured she would want to do all of that stuff). My job is getting the essential services set up at our new home. Since there is only one gas and electric provider in our area, setting up those services were a breeze. And since the county government controls the water where we live, that was pretty much set up for us too. The fun came when trying to find affordable internet, telephone and cable service. Thankfully, a coworker suggested I look at to get a good deal on cable. Now if there were only a cheap internet and phone provider in the area. I’ve heard that some companies will allow you to bundle services for a cheaper rate. Does anyone have any idea where I can go to find one of those?

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