Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walk on Lava Fields

I remember when we went to the Volcanoes National Park many years ago, we had to drive there before we see fields of lava everywhere but if you land in Kailua Kona, you'll see these lava fields almost instantly when you get out of the airport, miles and miles of them.

These pictures were taken on the way to Mauna Kea but we did not drive all the way there.


sexyjessie said...

Is the national psrk found in Hawaii?

MsXpat said...

How exciting :0) Looks like a super day out.

kim said...

oh! so, that's what Mauna Kea looks like.. it is reported to be the tallest mountain in the world (from the seafloor to the tip) thanks for sharing!

Mom Fashion World said...

Hello Mommy Ces and RC!
I miss Hawaii.... sayang di na kami nakapag island hopping.



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