Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cooking With Little Kids

beat the eggs

peel the boiled eggs

make an instant pudding ( we did this many times) I got the idea from the once a week preschool class that we go to. I'm looking forward to the class starting August, the teacher mentioned there will be more cooking/food preparation for the kids.

put sauce on the meat before putting it on the oven ( my easy lazy kind of cooking)

I was peeling carrots here and other vegetables and she wanted to sit beside me so I gave her the carrot skin and a washable paint. After she's done, she said she made a very  nice picture. It's her description to every art work she does.

This is not about really about cooking but still about food-- make a juice (okay, we did not have juice at that time, I gave her a moderate ice tea mix)

Our kitchen table is so beat up.

Today, I let her spread Nutella on her crackers for the first time, maybe next time she can make sandwiches. I really want to do cake or cupcake decorating with her and pizza making.

I think this activity promotes confidence, whenever she helps me with food, RC is usually proud of herself after. It also promotes fine motor skills. Sometimes, I think she will be able to do everything in the future whether I do these activities with her or not but I guess the goal is to prepare them earlier not mostly academically but emotionally by building confidence. Again, patience is a virtue! I'm talking about not rushing because it will take a longer time if you do this with kids and the mess of course.

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