Monday, July 9, 2012

Koko Crater Botanical Garden

This is my second time at Koko Crater Botanical Garden. It has been so long since the last time I was here. There are many exotic plants and it looks untouched in some areas. I can tell not very many people come here. It even felt a little scary for me  because we were the only people there. There was a guard by the entrance but once we're inside, there was no other group that was there. I kept thinking that somewhere along the way, we'll see some other people that are walking or having a picnic but there are none.

I like this part with the cacti, small and huge ones.

RC can't leave this tiny blue bug after the picnic. We also saw one wild cat and we fed him some chips.

I think it's an interesting place especially to those who love nature.

Everytime RC sees plumeria, she runs and smells them. I think plumeria is becoming my favorite flower too, they smell so good and they're beautiful. I like how we saw about three or four colors of plumeria flowers here  instead of the usual yellow and white.

I guess there will always be bougainvillea, they're abundant here.
I'm so proud of RC for not complaining during the walk. We only stopped once to have a picnic. Going up and down walking on a rocky path must be hard for a three year old, and this walk is probably about 2 miles long. We were walking very slow though.

This is what we did for 4th of July. We did not come to see any fireworks this time, maybe next year.

I've been lazy to comment and link on blogs lately. I know I keep typing this all the time,  but thanks again to those who keep visiting.


Ola said...

I liked the cacti part very much but the rest of the garden is also worth visiting!

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oomph. said...

Ok, I'll have to check this one out! My son loves to look at cactus plants.


Mom Daughter Style said...

Oomph- I heard not too many people know about this place even somebody I know that lives around that area. It's hidden.


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