Monday, April 23, 2012

Space Saving Spice Racks

I have to organize my kitchen. It’s one of the tasks I’ve been procrastinating about. I’m trying to cook more lately trying out new and old recipes.  Lately, I just feel that I have to do more here in our household. Cooking more often will be one of the changes I would like to venture on.  We’ve already cut our restaurant expense in the past few months. 

There are so many spice racks to choose from at They have some high end spice racks but there are also some that are affordable and a lot of their items are on sale and comes with free shipping. I want to have one that can be placed at my countertop right beside the stove. Something that is a space saver like a rotating spice rack would be good. I have to use my step stool at times trying to reach spices in the kitchen cabinet (no kidding!).  Sometimes, it feels like I have to dig in the cabinet because even if all the spices are all together, there are a lot of them that I need to search through them everytime.

If you are looking for kitchen spice racks, you may find something that you want at  This post is also brought to you by  

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