Thursday, April 19, 2012

Geek Gadgets 2012 (Make Your Own Dippin Dots!)

I’m going to feature some unique items and Geek Gadgets 2012 in this post.
Here’s a pirate ship cooler, I also found a treasure chest cooler at These would be great for pirate themed birthdays. RC is fond of pirates maybe because even the girly cartoons feature pirates. She even makes pirate sounds at times and has a pirate hat that she wears from time to time. For football fans, Geek Alerts also featured a football cooler before. There always feature unique and exciting items.

I love Dippin' Dots! Now I can make my own. I haven't checked yet on how much this would cost but it's an idea. It can be an activity that I can do with RC too.

 Every time I visit Geek Alerts to browse through the Geek Gadgets, I always get entertained with the pictures. Here are some more that I found today. How about these umbrellas that looks like little people wearing boots? I think they are cute.  The keyboard slippers are unique and very geeky.

You can find Amazon promotional codes and other coupons like AbeBooks coupons at Geek Alerts.  I’ll probably search for the Amazon codes later when I need something from their site.
The links in this post are provided/brought to you by Geek Alerts and the pictures are from their website.

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Sara said...

Love those umbrellas.

I circled you (G+). Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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