Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Freebies by Mail

I do love freebies. If you do, you can check out this website, They offer online freebies by mail. I used to get free samples in my mailbox. You cannot expect something that you can use in awhile but if you want to try a product, there are companies out there that invest in these free samples. Before you purchase them, you get to try them first for free. I’m sure many of you have tried this before. I used to try food at groceries before and then I buy if I like them.  For me, the free samples are especially good for more expensive products just to make sure that the item is right for you and you are not wasting any money for it.

Now, books are also converted into PDF files and probably other formats so we can read without having to have the physical book.  There are free books online that you can also check.  I tried a few e-books before like cookbooks and some print out for kids.

Another website that you can visit is I still have yet to try these sites and I’m not sure what information you will need to enter. Some of the items posted here can be acquired by liking a Facebook page.  

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