Sunday, April 29, 2012

Local SEO

Have you seen local businesses appearing on web pages as advertisements?  They might have used a service like Revlocal.Com. RevLocal targets potential local customers or clients online.  A good example of a business that might need this help is a furniture seller. Here in Hawaii, it will be expensive to ship furniture items and usually this type of businesses targets the residents already living on the island to buy their items.  I think a good number of people here likes to support Hawaii grown and manufactured items. They provide jobs for people and it helps the economy by making the money stay on the island. There has been a good exposure to these businesses through local magazines, local TV programs and trade shows.

RevLocal offers local search engine optimization. Most of the time, we cannot hide from the internet anymore, it knows where we are.  They will elevate local listings on search engines to selected online users.  This way, your business will stay on top of the competition.  I think for those who are already paying for ads, this will be great to have even better sales. Most people now use shopping and read reviews online. RevLocal also provides an estimate on how many users searched for your business. I guess this will help if it will be worthwhile to place an advertisement or if you need to divert some keywords so online users can land on your web page.  They also have a blog where they provide some useful information regarding marketing. They have articles about Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media.  

For those who are looking for updating their web page, RevLocal offers web design services.  They also offer opportunities to become an affiliate.  This is a website review that is brought to you by Please visit their website for more information about local search marketing.

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