Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why people still use dial up access?

Many of us take high-speed internet access for granted. Probably the majority of us have broadband connections that use either DSL or cable modems to connect to the internet and that leads us to think it’s what everyone else is using for their internet service. But there are many users still using dial-up internet service providers. About thirty-five percent of American households are still using dial-up service providers. That may be hard to believe in this day and age, but it’s true.

There are three valid reasons why lots of people are still using dial-up. One is their location. There are still many parts of the United States where high-speed internet is simply not available yet due to low population densities. These are normally in rural areas where the cost of installing the infrastructure is too great for local companies. The second reason is comfort level. Many people have had dial-up internet for over a decade now and are very comfortable with it, and wouldn’t think of changing to something new. The third reason is financial. It’s a fact that dial-up internet access is usually much cheaper than high-speed internet access. It’s normally about one-fourth the cost, or even less. People use dial up in order to save money.

There’s a website you can visit to check on dial-up internet access called copper.net. They’ve been providing dial-up internet for many years now, and you can type in your location and find local dial-up numbers so there won’t be any long distance phone charges for using their service. They also offer high-speed access for some locations. Just type in your address and you’ll get a list of what services are available to you and the cost.
This post is brought to you by copper.net. All opinions are mine.

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