Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was watching the Locked Up Abroad and most cases is drug related and they did not even know that they were doing something illegal. They just accepted to do something like to carry something in exchange for some cash and for some, in exchange for a vacation. We really have to be careful in making decisions as this can affect our whole lives. We have to be aware at all times of what we do and not trust just anybody.

I was watching another TV program (I know I watch all kind of programs!) and they feature some silly laws made before. There was this man who went to jail for selling orchid plants that he was growing in his yard. I know it would also be hard to find a job once you have a record. But what if a person can apply to remove criminal record? I have mixed thoughts on this one, I guess it would depend to some extent and not everything should be removed. I just learned that in Canada, they can apply for Canadian Pardon Application. I’m not sure here in the US. Employers and Institutions now check for criminal record Canada as well as in other countries.

I will leave you with some Canada pictures I found online. I also hope to visit this place someday. My brother went to Canada a lot of times and he loved it. He should have taken me with him.

I hope next time I feature Canada here, I and RC will be in the picture. It looks like a great place, after all, it is the second largest country in the world. First is Russia and the third is the United States.

It's almost Friday! I hope you all had an easy week.

P.S. I notice the follower list is not appearing on my blog tonight. I hope it's just a glitch in the system and not my settings.


Marilyn said...

LOVELY PHOTO FINDS.. So breath taking.. Hello there - stopping in to follow ya from blog hop friday...Here and loving it :)). Hope you can visit me sometime.. Marilyn from ~ Happy holiday..

Ola said...

I had friends in Canada, maybe one day I will visit this large country with unspoiled nature!
Wish you the same!

Dhemz said... sure someday you guys will!

JTWisdom said...

Beautiful pictures. I know you will get to go to Canada one day.


Coffee Matters said...

Beautiful, makes me want a vacation!

visiting from the alexa hop!


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