Saturday, October 23, 2010

Should we blog about our kids?

My poor baby, she looks so serious cleaning. No, I wasn't training her early, it was just her idea to use the broom. She went ahead broom from front door, to back door even went to the bathroom. She's already momma's little helper. We're staying at a cabin for the weekend. It's great, two bedroom, kitchen, DVD player, TV, couch it feels like a mini house. It's by the beach too.

She's done, she's putting the broom away.

Some photos of us, the husband grilled burger patties , we had cheeseburgers, some rice and garlic chicken.

I read this article before but I can't seem to find it online anymore. Anyway, it says " should we write/blog about our kids?",  it basically says that we could violate their privacy by not even asking them and it can cause embarassment and even the possibility of  identity theft in the future, it striked me 'cause even before I started blogging, I thought about privacy, not just for me but for RC as well. I guess for now, it's okay, she's not even two years old yet. Another reason I decided to go ahead with blogging because I don't really share this blog with people in real life, I mean those who know details about us like exact address, jobs, birthdays etc. I don't do much facebook too. For me, it works out well because I don't get conscious  to post photos here and I can do all kinds of poses when I want to. Yes, I am not shy to you. =)Sometimes, online friends are also much nicer. It's a positive environment. Maybe someday this blog will be transformed to just me blog but not anytime soon. Any other opinions?


the all-around mom said...

hmmm...i never thought about that 'cause i have a blog about my kids, too. but yeah, we're nice! :) you can trust us. online friends are much better :)

Ola said...

If you feel annonimous, like you don't give address, etc., it should be rather safe

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh your little one is so adorable:) I love your blog:) I will be back to read more soon
Happy Sunday

Krystal Pearl said...

blogging really works for me. Everything I wanted to say and everything that's been running in and out of my mind, I can express them here. We can post any photos we like without a care and yeah it feels so good. :)

Alice Law said...

!st of all, beautiful picture you have got there, love specially RC helping you around with broom... such a handy helper!

My personal opinion, I think it's fantastic to blog about our kids! I do have a hard copy of their diary, but unlike blogs. It doesn't have beautiful picture nor video to remind them their happy moments.

I'm bound to bring up my kids to be optimistic and open minded, I'm sure they will be happy to share their childhood and younger days with their future friends and classmate. They will be glad that I had an exclusive blog jotting down my loves and cares for them!^-^

Have a great week!

sexyjessie said...

I don't see any harm to blog about your kids. It's a wonderful feeling see them growing up and blog about them.

Ps. Hmmm, see your daughter loves helping out. Perhaps you could get a smaller broom for your daughter? ;)

The Owl's Closet said...

Oooh, your getaway sounds like fun:) I see that you're training RC early hehe She looks so cute with the broom! I think it's okay to blog about kids as long as it's done safely:) Some people go overboard with sharing too much information online and this is most likely how people fall under identity theft and what not. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Alice Phua said...

Oh, you have got a budding handy and helpful helper here!

About blogging about kids, yes, I did think about that issue before. But after much thought, I still go ahead with blogging about my son becos the good intention far outweighs the unintended intention. For me, blogging about my boy and the things we do with him serves as a memory record of his growing up years, his development, his cute and kiddy thoughts and antics, the things we do for him becos we love him, etc. Maybe when he reaches his teens later, he may be embarassed about records on his kiddy antics, but I'm pretty sure when he becomes a parent next time, he is definitely going to laugh about it. But of course when he already reaches his teens or going to reach his teens, I will have to be more discreet about what I blog of him for the sake of his privacy and his future safety. 'Future safety' in the sense just in case one day, someone wants to claim sexual harassment, so she makes use of one of my blogpost revealing my son's cheeky antics as an evidence that he has that kind of tendency since childhood to do so-and-so kind of thing. You know what I mean? Making use of the child's innocent past to his/her advantage to pursue a claim.

Shenny's mommy said...

Thanks for drop by my blog.
You are lucky to have such adorable daughter who can help you in such a young age.
I always find it is a great pleasure to blog about my kid. You could do that too.

Melissa said...

You and your daughter are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful little getaway.

When I blog about my daughter, I use a blog nickname for her and I don't post her picture. That's just my personal preference. I think as long as you're taking necessary precautions to hide private information (such as address like you said), then you should be fine. Also because she's only two; if she were 10 or in her teens and you were blogging about her whole puberty years, that might be a little mortifying for her! :)

Emzkie said...

ur baby girl is so cute, she is mommyls little helper. =) I guess at that age they all do that, follow everything u do. my son is like that too, he grabs the mop and just mop. lol. anyhow, thanks so much for ur time to visit my blog and leaving a trail behind. im adding ur blog to my blogroll. i hope u do too. thanks! c ya around..

mumsified said...

How cute and adorable is she!!

As for blogging about our kids, I do. It's sort of a diary about his growing up. I just don't share too much information. =)

anney said...

Ang sipag naman ni baby at marunong talaga magligpit! I think you can change your real names or just use your nicknames kung medyo nag wo- worry ka about privacy at wag masyado mag share ng personal info. Pwede mo rin lagyan ng watermark ang bawat pictures kasi minsan kinukuha ng iba at ginagamit nila.

Anonymous said...

Owww...she's so niceeeee :)

Nelah said...

Your little one is too cute, she is such a good helper. My daughter uses both broom and vacumn cleaner and she does a great job lol.

I have always been on a precautious (aka paranoid) side when it comes to posting about my daughter. It is impossible to know who are reading. They can be sex offenders, your next door neighbors or someone in the same neighbourhood. As much as I want to show her to the world, I would rather be safe. As long as you avoid giving out too much info/hint about her, I think you will be fine.

Kimberellie said...

I can't see how blogging about your children could possibly lead to identity theft. Also, I would LOVE to have such a record of my life as a child! Even as a teenager I would have liked it.

I think it is just fine!!

Also, RC looks adorable sweeping. And you look lovely as well. Your shoes are fantastic.

heart: Kimberellie

T.H said...

love the pics sis :D

yeah lost the blog but now back to blogging :D

Meream said...

I think that if you take enough precautions, this is perfectly okay. Besides, RC is too cute not to share with us, your online friends :)

sweet said...

cute RC...I think it's okay to blog about your family but then again we should be cautious about what to write and tell our for me I sometimes get personal especially with my ranting and personal feelings but it's my way of releasing my anger...

you can always copyright your that no one can steal your wonderful photographs especially RC's growing up year!!!


Emma Major said...

I've had to go one further, my DD is 5 and she wanted to blog so we have met half way and we are now blogging as a family. these kids are so savvy it's scary



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