Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mommy with her Hula Dancer

Last week, we had a blast celebrating Halloween.
There are so many first times for RC like being in this bouncy house and her first sticker tattoo.

There were a lot of kids that are at the face painting table so I decided I'll just spray some hair color on RC. Besides, I saw other kids with their faces all covered and it wouldn't go well with her hula  costume so I'll save the face painting on another occassion.

We could have made our own mask too, add sparkles and decorations but I just grabbed a shiny mask.

It was her first time to  have "gone fishing" and grab some lollipops from a "lollipop tree".

We did a little exercise. I think this is RC's favorite exercise, this is how she dances too.

My little girl in her hula dancer costume. We did take her to a costume contest although I know she wouldn't win. I bought this outfit a long time ago when she was still a baby for about $5. Look at all the fabulous outfits the kids wore, they are all so cute. I normally don't put other people's pictures here but I want to share some of the cuteness. Kids in costumes, I thought it would be okay.

All the other kids are just standing still while being judged of their costumes. RC can't stand still and she always pulls my hands. When she just started walking she doesn't want me to hold her but now, holding hands all the time when we're outside.

We did trick or treat and the little RC cannot wait till she can eat all her candies and play with the goodies. I changed  her costume to normal clothes since it was getting dark and cold.

This weekend, we'll take her again for another trick or treat and pumpkin patch that only opens two weekends for the whole year. I hope the weather will cooperate. I'm a busy mommy wearing just a mommy costume. Bear with me if I can't visit  blogs lately.


J said...

Hi! Are you a stay at home mom? :-)

Mom Daughter Style said...

no, but i wish i am

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Awww I love her hula costume. :)

Ola said...

We don't celebrate Halloween in Poland but I like to motive of a pumpkin:) I think that your girl looked so cute in hir skirt that she should have won:)

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

What an adorable little girl!!!! You both look like you were having a lot of fun in all of the pictures. Thank you for the comment on my blog, nice to "meet" you :-)

aizkim said...

she looks so pretty in her hula outfit!

Aiz's new blog post: The Ghoulish Affair

Alice Law said...

RC looks spectacular in hula dancer costume, very sweet~! LOL, mommy should at least spray some colour on your hair mar, keep well and Happy belated Halloween to you!

anney said...

Super fun day! Enjoy na enjoy ang baby mo. I love the hula costume!

DeBi said...

her hoola dress is so cute. she reminds me of Lilo (but way prettier baby than Lilo). :)

ladymishel said...

given u the one lovely blog award =)


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