Wednesday, October 27, 2010

beach bums in dresses

It was nice to be beach bums even just for a few days. We were busy this past weekend and we will be till the end of October. I got more pictures to show but I'll reserve them for my next entries.

We went to a playground as usual, I know I have been putting a lot of pictures of us at a park or playground. RC was excited when she saw the slides.

 This is suppose to be RC's first costume for Halloween. She is an islander girl, just plain and simple. I don't recommend to loop a long necklace to a child, we were in very close contact while she was wearing it.

The pictures below are suppose to be a trial on whether we will go swim at the beach. RC kept wanting to sit in the water and there were activities for the kids on that day so this was the only time we got wet. After our dresses got wet, one of my first thoughts was, where will we get more clothes. I packed lightly for this mini getaway.

The last time we stayed at a cabin by this beach, RC was not yet around, it was great to share this experience with her this time although she did throw some tantrums when we were there.


Ola said...

The last 2 pictures are so beautiful-2 girls in the sea!;)

the all-around mom said...

very nice!
looks like you guys had fun.
certified fashionista mom and baby :)

Mrs. Kolca said...

RC's dress is very nice. I love the hibiscus print over the pink fabric. Ganda den ng beach huh! :)

Jing said...

This is cool mom ces!
I love the idea that you both were wearing dress tapos having fun with water pa!cute. :D
last photo's my favorite!

DeBi said...

the beach looks gorgeous! and of course, the two of you!

aizkim said...

we are pretty much of a beach junkie bunch too. My little sonshine just cant get enough of the sun and water...he'd stay in the pool or at the beach the whole day if he could! You're both very lovely in your beach dresses...your cute little darling seems to have had so much fun frolicking in the sand and water!

Aiz's new blog post: Meet Mei Mei

MISSY S said...

ahh your baby is just so adorable!! and she loooooooooks so so sweet with that dress! two thumbs up mama!

MISSY S said...

ahh your baby is just so adorable!! and she loooooooooks so so sweet with that dress! two thumbs up mama!

MISSY S said...

ahh your baby is just so adorable!! and she loooooooooks so so sweet with that dress! two thumbs up mama!

sweet said...

both of you have the best dresses for this shoot...i love your brown tube dress...did you bought it in the Philippines??

RC looks adorable in pink!!!


Alice Law said...

I hardly find any slide nowadays in my place... I love anything that made of wood!

Lovely costume! Look at the bautiful smile that RC hugged on her face, I can see RC really enjoy her time by the seaside and she definitely love the wavy sea!

have a wonderful weekend!

Kimberellie said...

what beautiful ocean pics. I just love both your island dresses. you ladies are lovely.

oh, and I am so envious of the beach!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Cute naman ang dresses niyo, Ces! You took look like sisters, ha! ;)

Gremliness said...

RC should be giving kids' clothing advertising companies ideas -- she looked really so nice in her pink dress on the slide =)

Fashion Fabrice said...

I just ran into your blog and im so happy I did! Its a great blog you have such nice posts!your dress is so pretty! Wish we had that nice weather in belgium! Your daughter is just too cute:) really adorable!
Im gonna follow you!
Hope you take the time to visit me back and follow me back if you like

Lots of love
from belgium,

texaswithlove1982 said...

Wow, great bonding!

redspoon said...

very cute site :)


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