Saturday, April 24, 2010


Inspired by the article, "I decided I'm beautiful" from Harper's Bazaar magazine months ago, I am actually writing this.

I can barely reach 4 feet and 10 inches in a height chart. Yes, I am that short. Super short. Searching online some website says that any person below that height is considered a dwarf /midget. Since I am proportioned, I am then a midget.

Even in the Philippines, I was always the shortest.. in class, at work, even walking through the streets, at the mall (except when there's kids) etc. It is probably the main reason why I was not confident growing up (cause I did not really grow up hehe). I was teased although I would just take it as a joke back then. I don't have a face of a model either. I had acne when I was younger and I still get them at times. In most Asian countries, being fair skinned is also a symbol of beauty and I am dark. Thank goodness, here in the US tanned skin is good! I have naturally rough hands, short fingers, flat nose, "big hair", and yellowish big teeth.

I learned that my feelings does not depend on my height or my face value. Knowing that, I can do more things that I love to do, dress up if I feel like it or wear a faded shirt with holes also if I feel like it. I guess we are all normal in our own ways.. and yes, I decided... uhmmm... I'm beautiful no matter how short or plain looking I am (beauty is relative!).

Here's the lady behind my inspiration in typing this. She has no idea. The picture is from Harper's Bazaar magazine/fashion website.  Thank you Gabourey Sidibe, I can see beauty in you.


Alice Law said...

You look beautiful right now!
"You are best just the way you are!"

Lol, where does RC's cuteness and cunning traits come from... if it's not part from you?! ;)

have a wonderful week ahead!

Leah said...

Beauty is not just attributed to physical looks... I consider a good heart more beautiful than a pretty face. I say, you are a beautiful person and height or skin color do not matter. It's what you have inside and how you radiate... that's beautiful.

Have a great day! xoxo

Sak said...

nice post. I always admire you. These little imperfections make us look natural. Imagine if we had the perfect teeth , smile, skin, built.. hmmmm we would look like a plastic doll.. This is we and we are beautiful.

cherie said...

every person has a special quality that makes her beautiful. at the end of the day, a good heart will matter more than beauty or height.

Anonymous said...

you are so true!!! beauty does not mean only in the outside but what is in the may be beautiful but you don't know how to carry your gift...then you are just putting it into waste.

It is just sometimes we are blinded what true beauty is because of what the media is sharing to us!!!

I know someday there will be a big change.

Take Care

love lots!


ana b. said...

She's so fab, isn't she?! I'm 5"1 which is pretty short for New Zealand. I love it. We get longer parachute rides ;D

Dressing Up For Me said...


As cheesy as it may sounds I´d always say ¨beauty is in the eyes of the beholder¨. Don´t you know that cute persons like us always look young? ;)

I´d prefer brains,good character and a zest for life than just beauty on a surface. Now that to me is being beautiful. :)

PS:The one thing in my body that the hubz really find me attractive physically is my non-existent nose and he´s still loving it right now. ;)

Rebecca Rose said...

I wanna blog about this too ;-)!!! Anyway ako din noh, I'm short pero dina daan na lang sa heels haha.

U are beautiful!!!

rjs mama said...

very inspiring post. would love to know you more mommy :)

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Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

this is so empowering!
i'm glad you've grown to find love for yourself..that is always key to loving other people.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Kimberellie said...

Okay, I have to tell you: you are beautiful. Whatever the standards of beauty are in your own country: here you are gorgeous.

Ola said...

Thanks for this post. Nobody is perfect. It is a nigtmare when you are young but if you are grown up, you realize it is not important at all

Prettymom said...

nice post you got there sis..

Me, too. I'm a midget. So don't worry, you're not alone...SMILE!

That explains why i'm never a fan of flat shoes/sandals. Because I love heels for it makes me look taller and beautiful!

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to know you more..

followed and added u to my list..

Keep smiling!

Eden said...

very inspiring post, love. to think i just saw glee and they were tackling inner beauty-- i work in fashion and my height always leaves me insecure before (im 5'1), but now i realize that we have our own strengths and that we should just work hard to making ourselves better:)

p.s. hope you pop in and check out my giveaway!

join my summer giveaway here

The Owl's Closet said...

this is such a beautiful post! thank u for the inspiration:) and i agree with the comments above, ure beautiful!:D

Meream said...

This made me smile.

And you are not plain-looking, lady! I wish I have your skin color :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

thanks a lot for the advices and sweet comments

Psyche said...

We can't all be perfect, and I thank God for it. Else, we won't be interesting. :) Beauty, for me, goes hand-in-hand, with a good heart.


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