Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 101 with Easter pictures

Happy 101, this was from months ago. I got this award from 4 fellow bloggers. Thanks =)

I just thought of sharing 10 plus one ways RC makes me happy.

1. When she's happy, I'm happy. Seeing her big smile, and giggle makes me smile or laugh too.

2. When I see her after a long day at work. Work seemed to be much much longer now because I miss her when I am working.

3. Dressing her up can be so much fun. I remember when I was pregnant, I bought tons of newborn clothes, it's good that I was on maternity leave for awhile so I was able to dress her up more then.

4.Shopping for her. (Same explanation as #3)

5.Taking her pictures makes me happy. Browsing through her pictures brings memories back. I took pictures of her everyday till she was about 8 1/2 months old then I missed a day, from then on, I keep missing days but not much. I probably missed about 10-14 days for the whole year. One year everyday photos was my goal. The reason why is because she got a cold, she had coughing, fever, runny nose and I totally forgot.

6. Seeing her do things the first time.

7. When she do her tricks even if it's over and over again, especially when she does it alone without me asking her to do it.

8. When she's sweet. Extra sweet is better. She can be both.

9. When she dances. I don't really know how she learned about dancing but one day she was only about 5 or 6 months, she heard a music from TV and she was trying to sway her body. She dances really good now, swaying left and right even tilting her neck!

10. When she sings. I learned this one month ago, because she don't have that much words yet, I would try to sing twinkle twinkle in nana nana sound and now she's singing it often. Of course, I still sing it to her with the right words then we sing together in Nana-Nana. She would sing alone sometimes and I have to sing with her.

Three months ago, she was also featured in a local magazine, she was the the January birthday girl winner. I did not even know there was a contest when I submitted the picture. I sent it with a note saying..."she will be one year old..." They sent us CDs, a book and copies of the magazine. This made me happy.


Here are some pictures of us from the Easter festival we attended last week.

I think putting an age bracket is a good way to do the egg hunt so she did not have to be with bigger kids , they can run over her. She is not even 1 1/2 year old yet but she went egg hunting anyway.
I think the bunny was clapping for her. It looks like it. She got happy with one egg and played with her basket. She ended up having three eggs.
That other girl was the winner. 
"Can you please train me to find and pick the hidden eggs? - RC
The two pictures below are before the Easter party when it was not crowded yet.
Her first air brushed tattoo.
Time for a picture with the Easter Bunny. Excuse my dark knees, I'm full of melanin.

Overall, it was fun. It was also an opportunity to meet some neighbors, at least see some of them. I think we'll attend more upcoming family events.


mom & son said...

Mommy Ces, ang cute nyong dalawa.
Terno pa kayong dalawa ha.
Hahaha..natawa ako when I see her photo and the bunny looks
like he was clapping for baby RC pero dedma ni baby ha.
She's purely innocent.

Buti naman behaved c baby RC when she had her first air brushed

P.S. Thanks for the comment. It took me so long to post the
road trip photos nga. Super daming photos kc at daming pagpipilian. I hope mai-post ko lahat.

Leah said...

You are both so pretty in pink.

What can I say, moms are really like that, when the kids are happy, then we are happy. Babaw lang kaligayahan natin. xoxo

The Owl's Closet said...

awww u two are adorable in ur pink dresses:) wow, she won a magazine contest?? congrats!! well deserved...she's so cute!

Psyche said...

I love RC's bunny headband. :) I wish I was as cute as her when I was her age.

And, I love the floral dress you had on. So summer/spring! :)

Alice Law said...

Mommy is conffessing loves to baby RC, how sweet!
Beautiful Easter pictures and congratulation for the 101 Award on top of baby RC winnning over a magazine baby contest!

Have a nice day!

Rebecca Rose said...

Love her pink dress, so cute, manang mana talaga sayo Ces!!! Anyway Belated Happy Easter to you guys!!!

Sak said...

RC is so cute in her pink dress. and u mommy- looking very pretty. love what yr wearing..

Ola said...

She is so cute!

Golden said...

We're so alike. My little daughter makes me so happy and eager to go home from work. Just the sight of her after a long day of work makes my heart leap for joy. :)

You're blessed with a beautiful baby. I bet she had so much fun hunting for the Easter eggs. Ang laki-laki nya. How old is she sis?

Lots of love,

Dressing Up For Me said...

RC´s a doll in pink! So pretty! Babies always makes us happy even if sometimes they make us crazy with worry if they´re sick. Makes we want to have one now ( kahit maraming sleepless nights pa). :)

You´re so slim, Ces!

cadencesmama said...

awww isn't have a baby girl the best thing in the whole world?? i love your ten things...i feel exactly the same way!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

happy birthday RC! :D
love that you both dressed to match in pink!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Kimberellie said...

So much fun! Wow, you two are just so cute!!! That bunny is scary though! I wish I had brought my son to meet the Easter bunny! I didn't even think to!

Also LOVE the tattoo! So cute!

Anonymous said...

i love your pink floral dress, love! and RC's too! her airbrush tattoo is just the cutest! ;)

Anonymous said...

cute bunny and the floral wonderful!!!!

ohhh I wasn't able to celebrate easter...sorry for the late replies I have been MIA for the past few days....

enjoying my summer before work begins...

take care
love lots


Marz said...

so adorable! I love her little headband!

Lisa said...

your daughter is so adorable in that pink dress!!

Meream said...

Aww you two look so adorable in pink!

PS - My website was busted for a while. It's back up but I lost some content and your comments (that I really treasure). BIG SAD but life goes on, yeah? Adding you to my blogroll again. :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Golden= she's 15 months old
Meream- thanks for adding me to your blogroll again, sorry about your website
Sweet= no problem, i'm too slow in giving comments as well. i try to catch up on the weekends unless RC sleeps early like now, I am able to play with my blog
Kimberellie- yeah the bunny is somewhat scary, some kids were scared even RC when we were so close
Gizelle-just a correction, it was Easter and not RC's birthday
cadencesmama- yes, having a baby is the BEST thing in the world, no doubt!
Cheryl- yes to sleepness nights pag may baby hanggang ngayon medyo malaki na pero at least di na every night

THANKS... Thanks... Thanks for all your comments.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Uy, Ces! Alam mo ba, may nabibiling parang pre-fabricated ¨stained glass designed¨plastic strips na pwedeng i-dikit sa glass doors or windows. I´m actually planning to buy one and paste it on the terrace door of our new flat if the flat´s available na. It´s much cheaper, hehe but the original stained glass is the best of course. ;)

Alice Phua said...

COngratulations for being featured in the magazine! I think RC really deserves it. She has the outstanding cute baby girl look.

I'm also the same as you where point nos. 2 and 4 are concerned. Yes, I really miss my boy too when I'm at work, feels like working hours are very long to pass. And yes, I love shopping for my boy too - clothes, books, toys and baby consumables.


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