Friday, February 10, 2012

Save Everything Online with Clipix

I use bookmarking when I am browsing through the web that I want to view again later, but then my bookmark page gets all cluttered too and it’s very unorganized because the web pages are not labeled. If an article or a picture seems to be easy to find through searching, I don’t save it at all.

Clipix is a new program that was just recently launched earlier this month and with this tool, you can save almost everything that you can find on the internet.

As mentioned, clipix is fairly new and I have not used it that much yet but I think I’ll like it because you can set your clips to public or private and you can just basically for anything. I tried and it is easy to access. You will just have to drag the Clip button to your toolbar and you are good to clip! With clipix, there are premade clip boards or you can make new clipboards and organize them however you like. It’s not just for pictures but for videos and articles too that you find interesting. This way, you won’t have to look for it again through searching the web.

You can make clips for purchases that you would like to make, for party planning, for recipes etc. If you like sharing with social medias, you can share and comment on clips via Facebook or tweet the clips on Twitter.

If you intend to use clipix, what will you use it for?

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