Saturday, February 18, 2012

Acne at 30's

I thought pimples would stop popping out of my face once I get older but they didn’t.  I guess because I still eat a lot of chocolates and oily food. I notice I tend to get them more when I don’t sleep good. Some people say that they are caused by stress. Even if you are not conscious about the way you look, acne will force you to be especially if you have the bigger ones.

There are several skin care products to choose from especially for acne. I think people can have very different opinions about acne products because we have different skin types. We just have to pick and try which ones work the best and stick with it.

While others are trying to correct age spots and focus on their new wrinkles, I am stuck with trying to cure acne and the spots it left. I don’t usually want to put close up pictures here because of my pimples. Do you have any advice on acne? Hopefully, they will go away once I’m forty.  I hardly see older women have them.

I participated in a campaign about acne products. I will receive a compensation writing this blog post.


sexyjessie said...

Im going to be in my 40s soon and I still got some pimple out popping one or two.

MsXpat said...

Life is so unfair on us sometimes isn't, lol. I suffer from mild outbreaks periodically as well. I use Origns and dermalogica, which ever I can get my hands on.


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