Friday, February 3, 2012

Organic Clothes: Fashionably and Earth-Friendly (Guest Post)

Being environmentally friendly and ‘green’ is something which is constantly being pressed upon us. Politicians and environmental experts urge us to do all we can to be ‘green’, eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprints. In actual fact, they’re right to do so as the future depends on what we do in the present and to preserve the world for our children, we need to think a bit more about the environment. Being environmentally friendly is really important and one way you can do your bit for the future is by buying organic clothes.

Organic clothes are any garments or accessories made from materials grown and raised in observance of the regulations relating to organic agricultural and crop growth. Cotton, bamboo and soy are common choices for organic clothing as are wool and hemp. Organic materials are suitable for adult, child and baby clothes and some believe the benefits extend beyond being good for the natural world.

The many benefits of choosing organic clothing

The benefits of opting to wear or purchase only organic clothing are vast. One of the main things that producers and retailers of organic clothes highlight is their safe for your family and the environment. Many of the dyes used on ‘normal’ clothes contain some pretty nasty ingredients including bleach and formaldehyde, not exactly something you want next to your child’s delicate skin or your own for that matter. In some instances, these ingredients are used pesticides in the growing process of the cottons used in regular clothing but they’re very resistant and can still be present in the finalised garment. In organic clothes production, no pesticides are used.

Organic clothes are also recommended if you suffer from any allergies. There are a range of different chemical dyes used in regular clothing which some people have severe allergic reactions too. This is a less common occurrence but still something you’d probably like to avoid. The ingredients used in organic clothing, even dyes, are wholly natural and very rarely cause any form of allergic reaction whatsoever.

Some retailers championing the organic cause will also tell you that by buying organic, you can influence those around you to do the same and bring about a sway in the market. This is an interesting suggestion and could prove to be true, if organic clothes became the fashionable choice, then perhaps they could become the norm rather than a rarity.

Obviously, the main point of buying organic clothing is because you’re trying to be eco-friendly and support the natural world. Using materials such as bamboo is a great idea because bamboo trees are extremely quick to grow when replanted and from a personal point of view, feels soft and silky on your skin.

Organic clothes can be trendy

There are plenty of high-end retailers who offer only organic clothing in a range of great styles and fashions. It’s particularly true of children’s brands where the lean towards softer, safer, hypoallergenic clothing seems more important. In fact, many parents will commit to purchasing organic clothes for their kids but not themselves. Of course, another issue is cost. You’d imagine that because organic materials are produced with more care and attention they’d cost more for the regular shopper? This is not always the case, there are plenty of organic clothing brands who offer lines suitable for all budgets so everyone can experiences the difference.

Myths would have you believe that all organic clothes are brown, furry and itchy but this is simply not true. Times have moved on from the initial discovery and development of organic clothing and you can get clothing not dissimilar from what’s currently on offer made from organic materials. There’s a plethora of choice out there, you just need to discover it.

Being eco-friendly and conscious of the environment is something everybody should be doing. Changes in the environment and damage to our protective o-zone layer are already being catalogued by expert scientists and researchers and it’s important that every individual person does their part in trying to make a difference. Organic clothing is a great way of making a small change to your wardrobe that’s both fashion conscious and eco-friendly. The change really isn’t that huge and with the great quality that comes with organic clothing, you won’t be disappointed.

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