Thursday, February 9, 2012

Practice for Sale

I know most of my readers are stay at home mommies like me. This post is more for people who are thinking of selling or buying businesses. A lot of moms are also practicing their profession or have their own businesses. is a UK based industry where you can find Dental Practice for Sale, Accountancy Practice for Sale and other types of businesses. These type of companies do exist in the US too. I think this is interesting that people can just buy a business that is already established and set up instead of starting from scratch.
At one time, I was actually a certified nursing assistant and I quickly realized that the job is not for me. I always suck at physical jobs. Back then when I was studying at Red Cross, some of my classmates were interested in setting their own nursing homes. I think it would be easier if you can just buy Nursing Homes for Sale instead of setting up one of your own and still have to buy materials and furniture separately.  I believe there are also inspections that need to be done and it will be easier if the place is already prepared and you probably have clients that are already at the area or ready to move in.
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