Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nintendo dress

Hi guys, I still don’t have pictures of mom and daughter tandem to show you so I’ll just show you some interesting stuff that I saw online earlier. I have mentioned this Gadgets Blog here before, the  and the pictures are all credited to them.  Here are more of my picks from their website. A chocolate candle, how cool is this? It even has a chocolate aroma, great for the chocoholics like me.
All the doors in our apartment have a doorstop. I would love to have some creativity in them. The dormouse doorstop is super cute. I don’t like mice in real life but a plastic with pink ears will do.

How about a Nintendo dress? I think this would be a fun dress for Halloween. That’s fashion and fun together.

This one is called stupid toaster, but if I have made this, I wouldn’t call it stupid. RC will have fun eating this toasted bread. We don’t have a toaster now so this might be a good addition to our kitchen. Another great item for the kitchen is this animal pot holder. I just burned myself the other day while cooking because I did not use a pot holder. I think I will have more use on this one because I and RC can also use them as puppets.

For more pictures and cool tools, you can visit You can also get Carbonite offer codes
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Pinch of thoughts said...

hahah nice pictures Ces! love that dress!

The Pepperrific Life said...

I like the toaster. If we had bread like that everyday, I'm sure my daughter would eat more.

Debbie said...

I had one of those chocolate candles and it sure did smell just like chocolate. But it made me crave chocolate all the time :)

Debbie - new follower from facebook friday

Let Them Eat Cake.


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